In the Netherlands the weather can be a challenge if it comes to outside activities. This has inspired Adriaan Rijkens (VR Developer) to create a virtual reality easter egg game. Now everyone can start looking for easter eggs, no mind the weather.

STEP 1: Download the game

You can download the game for the different platforms. The fullscreen versions for Apple and Windows allow you to play the easteregg game without a virtual reality headset. Use the links at the top of this page to download the game.

STEP 2: Install the game

To install the game you only need to unzip the file. Your computer might give you a security warning. This is because we did not add a security certificate to the program. However it is save to play the game, so no worries!

You can download Virtual Easter for the following platforms:


Fullscreen Version (Download)

Oculus DK2 Version (Download)


Fullscreen Version (Download)

Oculus DK2 Version (Download)


apple store

Coming soon on:

apple store

STEP 3: Play the game

The virtual game takes place at a sunny world. You can enter a windmill and walk through its lovely gardens. The challenge is to find all the easter eggs hidden in and outside. Make sure to look everywhere, because they are hidden at the places you might least expect them.

STEP 4: Have Fun

We hope you enjoy playing the game!

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